Governance | The corporate bodies

The corporate bodies

Board of Directors
Arturo Nattino (Chairman)
Ermanno Boffa (Deputy Chairman)
Dario Valentino (CEO)
Giulio Bastia (Director)
Domenico Bilotta (Director and Managing Director)
Giuseppe De Filippis (Director)
Maria Sole Nattino (Director)
Marco Tofanelli (Director)
Francesca Zanetta (Director)
Giuseppe Mazzarella (Independent Director)
Paola Pierri (Independent Director)
Vincenzo Marini Marini (Director)

The present Board of Directors was appointed by the Shareholders’ Meeting held on 19 April 2021 and remains in office until approval of the SGR’s Financial Statements as of 31 December 2023.

Dario Valentino (CEO)
Domenico Bilotta (Managing Director)
Alessandro Polenta (Co-Managing Director)

Board of Auditors
Francesco Minnetti, Board of Auditors Chairman
Rosaria De Michele, Permanent Auditor
Andrea Severi, Permanent Auditor
Barbara Camporeale, Alternate Auditor
Antonio Staffa, Alternate Auditor

Board of Directors avail itself of the support of two Board Committees: Remuneration Committee and Risks and Conflict of Interests Committee. Remuneration Committee consists of three non-executive Directors, two of whom are independent: Mr. Giuseppe Mazzarella (Chairman), Mr. Ermanno Boffa and Ms. Paola Pierri.

Risks and Conflict of Interests Committee consists of five non-executive Directors, three of whom are independent: Ms. Paola Pierri (Chairwoman), Mr. Giuseppe Mazzarella, Mr. Marco Tofanelli and Ms. Francesca Zanetta.

Board of Directors has also deliberated the assignments of competences from the Company’s Appointment Committee to the Appointment Committee of Banca Finnat Euramerica SpA.

Registered at n. 50 of Bank of Italy's register – Corporate capital Euro 14.770.000 fully paid – Companies' Register of Rome Fiscal Code and VAT number 06931761008 A company subject to direction and coordination of Banca Finnat Euramerica SpA
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